Checkmark Personal Assistant is a suite of personal management products that allows user to manage their essential data for daily life. 

It contains two products at the moment: Checkmark To Do List Manager and Checkmark  Password and Account Manager.

 Checkmark To Do List Manager

Checkmark To Do List Manager is our desktop version of the same product in Android. The latest production release allows user to open Checkmark To Do List Manager Database and edit and sync back data using Dropbox Sync.

The current release have all the features in Android version except:
  • Repeat and Alarm edit.
  • Action item
  • Task Item in Checklist.
  • Some operations for Checklist.
  • Password support

We will introduced these features in patch release.

 Checkmark  Password and Account Manager

Checkmark Password and Account Manager provide a flexible way to user to manage account and password  in a central location.

You can go to Download page to download the app.

If you have found a bug or have a suggestion for the software, please feel free to email us at greenbeansoft@gmail.com